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We have set for ourselves what may be the most ambitious ontime performance target for transit anywhere in north america. The app received recognition for the getting around category at the apps4ottawa contest that ran in february 2011. Ottawacarleton regional transit commission, commonly known as oc transpo is the urban transit service of the city of ottawa, ontario, canada. Vintage oc transpo tickets for sale online ctv news. As a result, all routes including those currently designated.

A small midnight ride from richmond plaza to richmond lovitt oc transpo 4524. Mainly books, but of coarse they saisd not available and didnt know when theyd be getting some backin. City revenues plummet during covid19 crisis cbc news. Ottawacarleton regional transit commission cptdb wiki. These fares are valid right away and let you ride buses and. Oc transpo route 11 from richmond plaza to richmond lovitt. Service reliability is one of oc transpo s key commitments to council and to our customers. Oct 18, 2019 the high level summary of the oc transpo stage 1 bus changes from a downtown core perspective is that all of the transitway buses, like the workhorse 90 series, are gone from downtown, along with all of the directfromthesuburbs buses, and albert and slater are no longer primary oc transpo bus routes through the downtown. Since the december 1, 2005, fare increase, oc transpo had the highest basic cash bus fares of any major transit service in canada. Individual vector transit routes for oc transpo between 1929 and 2015. The transit route files were digitized inhouse using arcmap and scanned transit maps from oc transpo using ottawa and gatineau open data files. Ottawa transit previously known as my oc transpo is a unique transportation app that helps you find your way around ottawa and the valley. Look for our ticket machine at the south end of the arrivals terminal.

New oc transpo fares mean price hike for regular riders cbc. Kitchenerwaterloo lrt, an indepth look railway age. New oc transpo fares mean price hike for regular riders cbc news. The latter method must be purchased in advance at various retail outlets, ticket machines or stations. Oc transpo will mark the longawaited opening of the confederation lrt line next year by raising transit fares, but lowincome riders will finally get a break on singleride trips. Oc transpo riders can expect changes in the new year. When originally opened in 1983, the transitway in the area consisted of a through station in a belowgrade trench parallel to scott street. Judy dellheim and jason prince eds, black rose books, montreal, 2018. Octranspos ottawacarleton transportation commission fares are. Public bus and taxi transportation information from the ottawa and outaouais regions to canadian tire centre for ottawa senators hockey games, concerts and. Oc transpo s costs keep rising and so do the fare prices which transit users are already fed up with. It is funded by the city of ottawa and administered by oc transpo. Oc transpo ottawacarleton transportation commission is the public transit agency of the. History get youtube premium get youtube tv best of youtube.

Oc transpo says its working to fix a glitch that is causing some presto card readers to malfunction because of recent changes to fares and routes. Oc transpo fares officially increased on july 1, but due to canada days free rides customers wont notice the change until thursday. Transfers are integrated in the presto cards when using the ewallet. Oc transpo forgoes cash fares in mandating backdoor. Welcome to oc transpo 211a blast from the past news clip 10 bills banned from oc transpo fare boxes duration. American public transit association, transit fact books and canadian urban. Simply open an account, load funds or a pass, then book the trips you need and ride.

The rideau centre oc transpo customer service centre will be closed on christmas day and new years day. The ottawa transitway system perhaps the most comprehensive system in north america. The transitway map january 30, 2015 by spacing while sitting on a bus in ottawa this past summer, i found myself doing a double take out the window but not for any reason you may guess. Oc s average weekday ridership is 346,800 and covers 4 sq. Schedule times are based on typical driving conditions and may vary. Route 316 was a communibus route that operated in the lowertown and sandy hill communities of downtown ottawa. It is located in the western transitway section and is the main western terminal of routes 61 and 62 for all trips not extended tofrom stittsville it is located adjacent the kanata centrum shopping centre at kanata avenue and. Oc transpo academic dictionaries and encyclopedias. Please arrive at your stop a few minutes early to allow for any fluctuations in schedule. From september 2002 some service in rural areas has been operated under contract by laidlaw inc. Oc transpo beefs up bus service as ottawa lrt suffers major train shortage thursday oc transpo says seven trains are in service thursday afternoon, instead of the needed for rushhour periods. If you have customer service experience and a solid driving record this could be just the challenge youre looking for. It appearts the rditors might be from ottawaim guessing. One of the current goals of the city is to recover 50% of oc tranpos operating costs from the farebox.

Free transit in ottawa the bullet socialist project. You can book your trip at your convenience, with participating ottawa taxi companies and save 40% off the regular fare. I actually think its a piece of history, of ottawa. Fbi agent chasing florida corruption complaint ends up locked in patrol car duration. Presto readers failing to cope with oc transpo route. Oc transpo is the urban transit service of the city of ottawa, ontario, canada. On september 3rd, 1996, this route was originally planned to be cancelled due to low ridership, however, with a few changes, oc transpo managed to increase ridership on the route. Oc transpo connects the airport by bus, though a transfer is needed for most downtown destinations. Public transportation in the united states is a crucial part of the solution to the nations economic, energy and environmental challenges helping to bring a better quality of life. For starters, any private company has one basic, overarching goal. Click here to open a parapay account and for more important details. Diesel light rail service begun 2001 over tracks of the city owned capital railway. For added convenience, hire a taxi or prearrange an airport shuttle.

Oc transpo ticket machine now at the ottawa international airport. Oc transpo express route changes you may have missed ottawa commuters returning to work or school after a long holiday may notice some changes to oc transpo fares. Service is provided directly to the residences of eligible users who book trip. An integrated hubandspoke system of services is available consisting of. If the oc transpo fleet or even part of it were outfitted with wifi, someone would have to pay for the costs involved initial cost to deploy the equipment, and ongoing costs for the service and to maintain said equipment. Transfers are printed for passengers upon boarding by the driver cash only. Oc transpo express route changes you may have missed cbc. We provide comprehensive transit services to nearly one million people in ottawa. When you call, please be ready to describe what your item looks like. Part of the problem was almost certainly the steady and steep rise of fares. There are approximately 2,734 people employed by oc transpo, and 6,360 bus stops located across the city of ottawa.

Help is coming in the 2020 budget for transpos new lrtera. Bus service between ottawa and hurdmans bridge, 15 round tripsday, 1 bus fleet, 5. Oc transpo 01 january 2001 present owned by the newly enlarged city of ottawa. Apr 18, 2010 25 responses to youtube video of illegal dvd sales at oc transpo joe says. Oc transpo 2019 holiday schedule, including free rides on.

Mostly new flyer invero buses, with the majority of the others being daimlerchrysler orion vi buses. Ridership on oc transpo has fallen by as much as 90 per cent, and its hard to see many riders renewing their monthly passes this spring a problem, as transit fares. Oc transpo not a reliable system right now, manconi says. An oc transpo bus crashed into a shelter at lees station on the transitway on july 19, 2003. Oct 31, 2019 the draft 2020 city budget will propose adding buses to oc transpos fleet to address a growing frustration about the inadequacy of the new lrtera bus network, mayor jim watson said wednesday. Starting tuesday, oc transpo fares go up an average of 2. Naturally, that means that the other 50% must come from two sources. Oc transpo provides transit services across ottawa and into gatineau. Oc transpo fares to increase july 1 2016 riley brockington. Oc transpo route 97 offers direct service to the airport from downtown. You can give the item to any bus operator or give the item to a staff person at one of the oc transpo stations, such as the rideau centre. Train tickets can be exchanged for a bus transfer on board of an oc transpo bus. Terry fox station is a bus stop on ottawa, ontario, canadas transitway served by oc transpo buses and named after cancer research activist terry fox.

Convenience stores at six stations sell sundries, bus tickets, and passes. May 27, 2014 the year was 1979 and an oc transpo ticket cost 50 cents. Oc transpo ottawacarleton transportation commission is the public transit agency of the city of ottawa, ontario, canada that carries approximately 97. Historical and projected growths in population and. I hope they get them in a some point, but something tells me not hold my breath. Td place at lansdowne is the new home of ottawa redblacks, ottawa fury fc, and ottawa 67s. This web site is dedicated to all bus and transit enthusiasts. The many features in this app helps tourists and daily commuters find bus stops, light rail train lrt otrain terminals, obtain. Serving nearly 340,000 riders per day, operate 365 days a year, to bring riders safely and comfortably to their destinations. Just ask luc dumouchel, who has a pair of the vintage tickets for sale on kijiji. A new system map is printed every september, in conjunction with.

Ride any oc transpo or sto bus to any td place event just show your paper ticket or your eticket confirmation to the operator. Ontarios first new lrt line began public operation on friday, june 21, 2019, in the twin cities of kitchener and waterloo. No one was seriously injured, six passengers were taken to the hospital with minor cuts and bruises. You are sad people, if you are really serious about corruption within the city of ottawa, then go bigger than this as not many will give a rats behind about a few dvds being peddled at oc as they do about millions, upon millions of their tax dollars being misspent each year. Ive got a couple books on transit history in ottawa. Also a few new flyer articulated buses, nova bus lfs lowfloor buses, mci classic buses, and gmc new look buses. There are also a series of changs in bus pass fares, mostly going up. Fighting against climate change and for social justice ottawas public transit.

You will find many oc transpo related info that you may find interesting. This means you dont need a presto card, tickets, or cash. Lists the history of cash, presto and ticket prices for oc transpos regular adult ages 18 to 64 inclusively fare. New oc transpo fares mean price hike for regular riders. Dont forget bus fares increased on wednesday ottawa citizen. City council will finalize the 2018 budget next week. You can buy a singleride ticket or one of our convenient daypass options 1, 3, 5 or 7 days. It is located at the tunneys pasture government office complex, on scott street at holland avenue history.

Ottawacarleton regional transit commission route 316 cptdb. Kw, as it is known locally, is about 60 miles northwest of toronto, on cns torontolondon secondary line. Oc transpo wants all customers to board conventional buses at the rear doors, except for people who need to use the front doors for accessibility purposes, impacting revenue normally received from. The oc transpo fleet has over 900 buses and three trains serving our nearly 375,000 daily riders.

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