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With its toptier educational institutions, robust infrastructure, and business friendly administration, in many ways zurich is the ideal place to launch a startup. Given my connections to the social impact sector, for which zurich is a global hub, i have been able to engage relevant investors for both mentoring and evaluation. Impact hub zurich was founded in 2011 as the first swiss impact hub. On friday, dec7, the 2018 edition of the uzh social entrepreneurship seminar came to an end. This year, students were pitching social business ideas to either. This diversity represents the dynamism and variety of zurich, and each member contributes with their different skills to the projects and challenges that the zurich hub tackles. Introduction to social entrepreneurship by sigknowledgehub social entrepreneurship social entrepreneurship is the work of a social entrepreneur, someone who recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial processes to organize, create and manage a nonprofit, forprofit, or hybrid venture to address it. We need many more models as described in this book by christian seelos and johanna mair. Our ties to the ilr school and the johnson school ground us in the practical concerns of the workplace and the labor market ensuring that our research is. Hub langstaff director swiss entrepreneurial program.

This promising collaboration soon created joint programs in many parts of the world now 20 and counting to inspire, accelerate, and scale entrepreneurial solutions with transformative impact on environmental challenges. Ways to design, develop and grow social innovation robin murray julie cauliergrice. Collaborations and social entrepreneurship connectivity karin a. Funding dimensions of social entrepreneurship 12 2. Social entrepreneurs are one species in the genus entrepreneur. Impact hub ottawa will represent eastern ontario and host complimentary sideevents to support the women entrepreneurship conference, which will bring together a team of researchers from canada and around the world alongside key stakeholders to better understand the barriers that diverse women face and the best practices to. However, because of this mission, they face some distinctive challenges and any definition ought to reflect this. The final pitches to the jury to decide which project would receive the funding took place at impact hub in zurich, with speakers prof. Nevertheless, the concept and definitions of social entrepreneurship, social entrepreneur and social enterprise need to be comprehended by those who are involved in the sector to further sustain the development of pertinent initiatives. They are now working together to achieve targeted support for the entrepreneurs in crucial areas of their businesses growth phase while simultaneously providing leadership development opportunities for the. Social entrepreneurship is an emerging and rapidly changing business field that examines the practice of identifying, starting and growing successful missiondriven for profit and nonprofit ventures, that is, organizations that strive to advance social change through innovative. Social enterprise social entrepreneurship awards and prizes.

Switzerland, where such social enterprises still seem to be relatively rare. Multinational corporations, social entrepreneur networks like ashoka or the schwab foundation with headquarters in geneva, the hubs zurich and geneva. Students of social entrepreneurship who concentrate on its entrepreneurial facet are, however, inclined to draw more specifically on the scholarly literature on entrepreneurship and apply it to the social sphere. Social entrepreneurship is an appealing construct precisely because it holds such high promise. Discover how students around stanford are getting involved in the field. If that promise is not fulfilled because too many nonentrepreneurial efforts are included in the definition, then social entrepreneurship will fall into disrepute, and the kernel of true social entrepreneurship will be lost. Introduction to social entrepreneurship knowledge hub. Social entrepreneurship is the process of designing and implementing innovative solutions to important and neglected societal problems. In 2018, eth entrepreneurs started 27 new companies. The goal of social entrepreneurs and enterprises is to provide innovative solutions to unsolved social problems. In particular, the ielab is the home of eth spinoffs and pioneer fellows developing their startups. Dees 2001 also defined social entrepreneurship as social entrepreneurship can include social purpose. The teaching notes includes summaries of the three main sections of the book along with an outline of. What everyone needs to know teaching notes david bornstein and susan davis dear faculty, we are delighted that you are considering using our new book in your classroom.

A paradoxical leadership model for social entrepreneurs. Over the past ten years, the subject has gained increasing interest on the lecture circuits of. Impact hub is a community centre headquartered in vienna austria that acts as the parent body of the global network of hubs which aim to foster entrepreneurship, idea incubation, business development and offers coworking spaces members of the network. Helm2007 argues that way, both of them agreed that social entrepreneurship is a part of entrepreneurship and in many ways, social entrepreneurship is just an extension of the entrepreneurial model used in the forprofit sector. Defines social entrepreneurship, recounts a number of key points from relevant research projects, reflects upon current developments and initiatives, describes a number of cases and uses these to. Dees helped show how the theory and practice of entrepreneurship and innovation could be blended with social missions to tackle poverty, pollution, and other global challenges. Impact hub zurich, regional government partners, ubs switzerland do you think that your projectinnovative solution is transferable. Therefore, we run a talent and startup incubator for people with refugee or. Impact hub zurich innovation and scaling for impact. From seed to impact global social entrepreneurship. Considered in this fashion, social entrepreneurship is not defined by its usefulness to others than those who engage in it, nor constrained to any particularly social form of enterprise e. Shapers were welcomed by the mayor of zurich, crine mauch, and a keynote address was delivered by the programme director of. Impact hub is the worlds largest network focused on building entrepreneurial communities for impact at scale home to the innovators, the dreamers and the entrepreneurs who are creating tangible solutions to the worlds most pressing issues. Michael hengartner, president of uzh, and katherine milligan, director of the schwab foundation for social entrepreneurship.

This report presents a broad measure of social entrepreneurship activity, as well as a narrow measure. Social entrepreneurship is a term used to describe innovative approaches to address social problems. The event was organized by the hub zurich in collaboration with the schwab foundation and sosense. Going into 2018 we are looking to develop more sustainable financing sources. When we started in 2006, entrepreneurship was embraced by only a few young people. Santos is visiting professor of social entrepreneurship at insead, codirector of the insead social entrepreneurship program and president of portugal social innovation. Results have been independently analyzed and compiled by the social entrepreneurship center vienna university of economics in coordination with impact hub gmbh. He also developed and coleads kickstart, one of the worlds largest ecosystem innovation programs. The opinions expressed and arguments employed herein do not necessarily reflect the official views of the organisation or of the governments of its member countries or those of the european union. Earlier, organizations addressing key social issues were assumed.

A map of social enterprises and their ecosystems in europe. Social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility. Head of political affairs at swissmem member of parliament, city of zurich. The same historical forces are at work even in the german heart of europe 48 5. To work with the social entrepreneurship principles to create the strategic plan of their social entrepreneurship initiative during the activity, the participants were engaged in various activities in order to define the concept of social entrepreneurship and the skills that a social entrepreneur needs to have in order to succeed. Social innovation refers to social change implemented in response to social needs and challenges. Social entrepreneurship, one of the aspects of entrepreneurship, has been presented as an alternative to promote the social inclusion of members of the society that has failed its space. Hilde schwab, chairperson and cofounder, schwab foundation for social entrepreneurship, world economic forum innovation and scaling for impact. Positioning of social entrepreneurship internationally 5 i. Cas global social entrepreneurship center for philanthropy studies. Zurich hub convenes global shapers the journey of the davos 50 started at the predavos event hosted by the zurich hub in zurich, switzerland. When we started in 2006, entrepreneurship was embraced by only a few young people at the fringe and social entrepreneurship was.

It gathers organisations supporting social entrepreneurs in 50 countries, to improve. Gregory dees1 entrepreneur in residence kauffman center for entrepreneurial leadership ewing marion kauffman foundation and miriam and peter haas centennial professor in public service graduate school of business stanford university october 31, 1998. Social entrepreneurship in switzerland market analysis of the potential for social donation business models in the swiss fmcg market zhaw zurich university of applied sciences school of management and law international management submitted by. Social entrepreneurship is an allencompassing nomenclature, used for depicting the process of, bringing about social change on a major and impactful scale compared to a traditional nongovernmental organization ngo. One of the first projects in the social entrepreneurship scene for red bull globally impact hub engaged entrepreneurs directly form the low income communities partner stories. In their final pitch last monday, six teams competed in front of a jury for an award of chf 10,000 to kickstart their business. There is a wealth of creative energy and entrepreneurial spirit in this area, but this sometimes gets lost in the perception that zurich is. Challenges, leadership skills, and pedagogical tools for managing social and commercial demands. Contact nicole selby at the center for social innovation. Zurich, 14 october 2019 the alliance between switzerland global enterprise sge and impact hub switzerland brings together the leading expertise base for scaling businesses beyond switzerland and the worlds largest network for social entrepreneurship.

The teaching notes were created for faculty interested in teaching social entrepreneurship using the social entrepreneurship. We work at the intersection of entrepreneurship, innovation and social inclusion. Experiencing sustainable banking and behavioral ethics. The aim is to give companies the tools to connect with the local innovation ecosystem in the target market, to. The global social entrepreneurship network gsen was launched in june 20 at the social impact investment summit created under the uk presidency of the g8. We work with partner organizations such as ashoka, the impact hub zurich and the social entrepreneurs initiative foundation seif. A new centre for the support of young entrepreneurs is to be established in. The impact academy spring cycle 2018 started successfully on march, 22 with the kickoff session, where social entrepreneurs of 26 inspiring startups met their coaches from ubs and pwc. Two years ago, ian connolly and jeffrey yang, took on a challenge posed by the miraclefeet organization. It is an increasingly important concept in the study of voluntary, nonprofit and notfor profit organizations. Furthermore, experienced ubs employees mentor selected social entrepreneurs through a volunteering program. If yes, are you interested in project scaling outside your country.

For the first time, the university of zurich offered a seminar in which students could acquire firsthand knowledge of what it means to become a social entrepreneur and develop a business plan to solve a concrete social problem. Zurich helping dementia patients with cognitive challenges alterniity. Seif driving impact innovation and tech for impact solutions. There is a wealth of creative energy and entrepreneurial spirit in this area, but this sometimes gets lost in the perception that zurich is simply a banking town. Social entrepreneurs have been around for many years, but the explosion in global connectivity and intense competition for philanthropic funds seems to have propelled the sector into a more central position in the business world. The practice of social entrepreneurship 197 and the practices pursued over time in extracting them. It is claimed that social entrepreneurship is the creation of wealth, as. The case for definition social entrepreneurshipis attracting growing amounts of talent, money, and attention.

This year, students were pitching social business ideas to either decrease plastic waste or to improve basic opportunities to children of migrant families. The idea for this challenge is inspired by similar ones elsewhere. See christoph birkholz impact hub at startup grind zurich. Awarded fellowship with zurich based lgt venture philanthropys social enterprise startup accelerator program in vietnam.

Policy brief on social entrepreneurship entrepreneurial activities in europe. The zurich hub is made up of a multidisciplinary team of distinct pioneers in their fields, professionally ranging from social entrepreneurship to science and from business to sports and medicine. You learn the interrelations between organizational theory, financing models, social entrepreneurship, innovation and impact measurement. When a solution is proven more effective and efficient than the established ones, we have a social innovation santos, 2012.

Our commitment to innovative entrepreneurship in switzerland ubs. Aug 8, 20 social entrepreneurship in the age of atrocities. Upon entering the subtle doors, she was fast forward 6 years later, connie finds herself unsatisfied by the fact that her new home in basel. By using this resource, you are helping to awaken the changemaker inside each of. This list of companies and startups in the social entrepreneurship space provides data on their funding history, investment activities, and acquisition trends. The impact hub is a global network of social entrepreneurs that combines elements from. Social entrepreneurship is a global phenomenon that impacts the lives of citizens by using innovative approaches to solving social problems. Average importance of returns as rated by our members in % environmentalreturn social return 41% financial return 42% 17% blended value orientation 18. Understanding the social role of entrepreneurship 3 abstract there is a need to rethink and redefine the social value added of entrepreneurial activities to society. Today, it has members and is operating the two coworking spaces colab and viadukt in the downtown of zurich as well as the innovation space kraftwerk together with engagement migros, ewz and digitalswitzerland. List of top social entrepreneurship companies crunchbase. Impact hub zurich innovation and scaling for impact how.

This module provides the theoretical basis for the social business project. This engaging and oversubscribed event featuring 5 leading social entrepreneurs on their way to the world economic forum in davos attracted the key players of the zurich social entrepreneurship and philanthropy scene. Impact hub network building communities for impact. Corporate entrepreneurship vs social entrepreneurship. The social entrepreneurship guide steps towards social. In this paper we develop five pillars on which the evolving social role of entrepreneurship can rest and have its. The zurich entrepreneur meetup group zurich, switzerland.

Johnson, 2000 social entrepreneurship is emerging as an innovative approach for dealing with. Find out more in the presentation about the eth ielab and the pioneer fellowships pdf, 4. Uzh uzh innovation hub winner social entrepreneurship. In 2015 we supported the social impact award for student social entrepreneurs for the first time. Entrepreneurship is widely recognized as the engine of social and economic. The entrepreneurship ecosystem brings together the relevant entities, associated groups, and student organisations at eth zurich. Social entrepreneurship, social entrepreneur and social.

Social innovation and scaling are the engines for a prosperous and inclusive economy. For social entrepreneurs, the social mission is explicit and central. If that promise is not fulfilled because too many nonentrepreneurial efforts are included in the definition, then social entrepreneurship will fall into disrepute, and the kernel of true social entrepreneur ship will be lost. This book offers a comprehensive examination of this growing area of research and provides an excellent introduction to social entrepreneurship theory and a framework for future research. Impact hub offers them coworking spaces, access to a worldwide network, collaboration with likeminded people as well as events and workshops. Lgt vp is a leading international impact investor backing sustainable. We think so and this is why we support social entrepreneurship in switzerland. The impact hub story 6 stories of impact our entrepreneurs in action 8 partnering for impact. Impact hub zurich brings together social entrepreneurs who are on a mission to find sustainable solutions for societys most challenging problems. Tatiana glad, cofounder and director of impact hub amsterdam, shares with us what it is like to be in a city that is suddenly and fullheartedly embracing innovative startups and social entrepreneurialism and how impact hub makes its unique contribution. Christoph birkholz 35 is an entrepreneur based in zurich, switzerland. Impact hub fellowship is an incubation program designed to support impact orientated entrepreneurs realising their ideas for a more sustainable. Top challenges facing social entrepreneurs your business.

What everyone needs to know book by david bornstein and susan davis. Impression cover cas global social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship in switzerland zhaw digitalcollection. Here are some articles that will help you to get more detail about the corporate entrepreneurship vs social entrepreneurship so just go through the link. Eth zurich offers its students, alumni, and aspiring entrepreneurs support at every level along their journey from experimenting with creative ideas, to creating spinoff companies. The result is a more demanding definition of the entrepreneurial component of social entrepreneurship. Switzerland global enterprise and impact hub switzerland.

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