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Your amp is probably going to be coloring the sound last in the chain unless it has a knob marked preamp then you could turn that all the way down. This page contains information about the user manual for the pod 2. Obey all warnings on bass podxt live and in this pilots handbook. Manuals for guitar effects, synthesizers, and midi devices. User manuals, guides and specifications for your line 6 pod xt pro musical instrument. View online pilots handbook manual for line 6 bass podxt live music pedal or simply click download button to examine the line 6 bass podxt live guidelines offline on your desktop or laptop computer. Emagic and sounddiver are trademarks of emagic software. This copy of user manual was originally available from. The other short coming or what i consider short comings i had to deal with were the oddistortionfuzz.

The valve junior gave the pod life it just never had before. We have 4 line 6 pod xt manuals available for free pdf download. Line 6 give their podxt the pro treatment, adding comprehensive io and flexible. Right here websites for downloading free pdf books where one can acquire just as much knowledge as you wish. An electrophonic version is available on the included cdrom and at. Podxt pro offers the same ampcab modelling and effects facilities as the standard podxt model, but adds more professional connectivity options. The pod v12 is a more processed sound than the xt to me. The bass podxt has four independent effects sections in addition to compression five if you count the new sixband eq, for adding effects such as reverb, delay, suboctave, autowah, synth, chorusflange, and so on, as well as emulations of a number of classic stage and studio effects boxes. Picked up a line 6 pod xt pro with all three tone packs for the studo and live playing with the bose l1 sound system. If all you ever do is loud distortion with no effects the 2. Has anyone out there tried the line 6 pod xt pro rack modeler. Im not sure theres a way to bypass your amps pre to get just the xt s sound.

Model packs pilots guide midi continuous controller reference podxt user manual pre version 2 podxt preset chart podxt manual version 2. We have 2 line 6 pod xt pro manuals available for free pdf download. Connect the included power pack to your podxt, and plug the other end into a power jack. Before using your pod x3 or pod x3 live, carefully read the applicable items of these operating instructions and safety suggestions. Electrophonic limited edition available at revision c. Or connect headphones to the phones jack on your podxt for silent jamming. Line 6, pod, podxt, podxt live, bass podxt live, podxtpro, fbv, fbv shortboard, fbv4, fbv2, amp farm,line 6 monkey and variax are. If you remember the days of moving an 18space rack with gear that always broke, hummed like a lawnmower, and cost more than your car, podxt pro. Line 6 podxt pro driver download software found 30. Line 6 user manual line 6 pod farm 2 my pdf manuals line 6 pod xt pro steven devoss. Sound quality the memory of the pod xt pro, there are many preset yil very well but there are others that resemblance too.

Pod xt pro input select, digital inout and reamping. Connect the left and right outputs to your recorder or mixers inputs, or plug the left output into your guitar amps input. It is great for home jamming as it is more cd like compression is part of it in voicing to me. Pod pro manual intro rev c page 1 monday, september 11. Pictures and images line 6 pod xt pro audiofanzine.

I can totally forgive line 6 for that, but it did prompt me to. Podxt basic features guide electrophonic limited edition. Info ebook and manual reference pod xt pro manual printable 2019 nice ebook you must read is pod xt pro manual printable 2019. A locally cached version of user manual is available at. Line 6 edit, guitarport editor, vboard, patchmanager, xt organizer, sounddiver or patchwizard software, or workbench for the variax, all depending on which file you download. Here youll find files that you can download up to your pod x3, podxt, pod 2. An advanced member of line 6s pod family, the pod xt pro guitar effects processor delivers 32 groundbreaking amp models built from the awardwinning technology found in the vetta amp. But the operating system is a little bit clunky and certainly not intuitive. Theres much more this thing can do that i didnt show. Im using line 6 pod hd pro for a interface and ive been trying to make new instruments in make sure you read your drum kit manual for routing instructions.

Comparing between scopia xt series models on page 11 about the models in the scopia xt series product line scopia xt series endpoints incorporate stateoftheart video technology for high definition hd conferencing. Start clicking around, my friend, and hold on to your hat. Turn the small output level knob all the way down to zero. Bass pod ultimate tone for bass xt an indepth exploration of the revolutionary technologies and bumshaking tonal pleasures of bass pod xt and bass pod xt pro. Line 6 bass pod xt preset chart midi manuals yumpu. We could read books on the mobile, tablets and kindle, etc. The line 6 pod xt, marketed as the ultimate tone for guitar, is a comprehensive modeler, an approximation of everything under the sun from the birth of rock and roll to 2002and the pod with which ive had the most experience. Line 6 pod xt manuals manuals and user guides for line 6 pod xt. Line 6 give their podxt the pro treatment, adding comprehensive io and flexible output configurations to their successful modelling processor. Fellas i picked up a hafler t3 tube preamp to try in the pod hd pro s fx loop.

Theyve made updates and variants, but for our purposes, were going to discuss the original pod xt. Just a run through of some of the sounds the bass pod pro has to offer. The only thing i liked in the pod was the proco rat model and still use. Database contains 1 line 6 pod xt pro manuals available for free online viewing or downloading in pdf. Line 6 pod xt pro manuals and user guides, musical. How do you connect your line 6 bass podxtxt live to your. Line 6 podxt pro driver download software manual installation guide zip line 6 podxt pro driver download software drivercategory list one of the most difficult jobs in keeping an up graded driver database on your hard drive or laptop is trying to find each individual driver on the web. All models of the xt series include the xt codec unit which performs the bulk of the. Thule product manuals thule parts list here you will find thule product manuals which include listings of the parts included in a particular product. To my ear the plexi stuff is so much better, the bassman amp model is alot better along with others. Fbv shortboard, fbv express, fbv4, gearbox, amp farm. Line 6 pod xt pro pilots handbook manual 149 pages ultimate tone for guitar. Line 6 bass podxt live music pedal pilots handbook manual.

Line 6, pod, podxt, podxt live, podxt pro, vetta, fbv. This page contains information about the user manual for the pod x3 pro from line 6. Part numbers from the manuals may be copied and pasted and plugged into the search bar in the upper right hand corner but, you must remove all dashes. Xt pro pod xt live bass pod xt bass pod xt pro bass pod xt. I love this multi effects unit, the sounds are superb. The xt can get many clean sounds and can totally rock out and anything in between. Standard and power pack models plus all guitar cab models. Free download books pod xt pro manual printable 2019 everyone knows that reading pod xt pro manual printable 2019 is helpful, because we can get information from your resources. Technology has developed, and reading pod xt pro manual printable 2019 books can be more convenient and simpler. Its also loaded with 22 cab and 4 mic models, 49 stompbox and studio effects, and 36 programmable channels. Line 6 bass pod xt live user manual midi manuals yumpu.

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