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Here is some additional information about weller led soldering iron kit. Correctly used and maintained, it is the most accurate of any. Weller founded in 1945, weller has become the worlds leading supplier of professional quality soldering equipment, including the famous weller temperature controlled irons and soldering guns. Weller digital soldering stationwe1010na the home depot. Weller magnastat tc552 soldering iron in 1958 carl weller applied for a patent on his idea to control iron tip temperature through the use of a temperature sensitive magnetic tip. This unit has many advantages, but some of its main draws are its. Powers soldering iron and desoldering iron or two soldering iron concurrently and has an added power supply for optional tools such as thermal wire strippers and resistance soldering tweezers. It is can be used to solder throughhole and smd components, ground planes, and light to medium layer boards. It will no longer heat the iron, and the led on the base will not light no matter what temp is selected. Many weller soldering irons have one single operating temperature of 400 degrees. This video shows you how to program your we1 soldering station standby mode.

The wa2000 soldering iron analyzer was developed for testing soldering irons for compliance with the dodstd2000 and the new milstd2000 specifications. Weller soldering stations make every manual soldering procedure safe whether it is within the automotive industry. Weller is a producer of solderingiron, solderingstation, reworkstation and filter systems. Soldering iron a a a safety holder a a a usb cable a a operating. Jason france, the weller wlc100 is a variable temperature soldering. Comolded, softgrip ribbed handle design for maximum comfort and reduced slippage.

Soldering basics and choosing a cheap soldering iron. The connecting edge editor martin rowe tests the weller soldering iron with its three leds to illuminate the work area. A grounded soldering iron tip, zero power switching and antistatic design of the station and tool allows the wes51. With a power of 50 watts and a wide spectrum of soldering tips. User manuals, weller soldering gun operating guides and service manuals. Weller wes51 analog soldering station designed for continuous use the wes51 is designed for continuous use in production, rework and repair. The weller wd 1 m wd m is a versatile soldering station. This guide covers the basics of using a soldering iron. New listing weller sp25nk 25 watt soldering iron with lead free solder, extra tips 5 out of 5 stars 4 product ratings 4 product ratings weller sp25nk 25 watt soldering iron.

Highly productive complete solutions engineered in germany. Lab1 three in one lab device, testing leads, user manual, sponge, spare bit, 9v battery, mains cable 0. Failure to comply a warning may result in serious injury to the user or others. View and download weller wd1 operating instructions manual online. The function is simple, for example if you set the standby to 1 minute, if the soldering. Weller heavy duty led soldering iron for sale online ebay. Weller also makes advanced soldering and desoldering stations, smt equipment and irons for sophisticated industrial requirements, plus a series of handy. For soldering, desoldering, extracting and filtering. As a global market leader in manual soldering technology, we supply everything that you need to achieve success at your workbench. Competitive prices from the leading weller soldering stations distributor.

Vacuum may be switched to positive air flow for heat gun applications. What are the benefits of using this powerful soldering iron. It uses a different temperature control method than the wtcpl, so my remedy will not be directly applicable to yours, but my experience could be useful to people who have a failed. The weller d650 industrial soldering gun is a multipurpose heavy duty tool boasting the highest. This portable unit is capable of testing tip temperature, tip to ground resistance and tip to ground noise mvrms. This item weller wps18mp highperformance soldering iron anbes soldering iron kit electronics, 60w adjustable temperature welding tool, 5pcs soldering tips, desoldering pump, soldering iron stand, tweezers.

Weller is one of the leading manufacturers of soldering irons. A digital readout, grounded soldering iron tip, zero power switching and antistatic design of the station and tool allow the wesd51 soldering. Sp40nuk weller sp40nuk electric soldering iron, 40w, uk. A grounded soldering iron tip, zero power switching and antistatic design of the station and tool allows the wes51 soldering system to meet the high quality standards established by weller the station features external tip temperature. Looking for weller soldering iron, battery powered 20jh93. V159 onboard leds provide significant application lighting with minimum tip shadowing, setting these irons apart from others on the market. The soldering iron tip the soldering iron tip transfers thermal energy from the heater to the solder connection.

Jun 11, 20 the connecting edge editor martin rowe tests the weller soldering iron with its three leds to illuminate the work area. The first soldering iron was patented by carl weller in 1941. Download weller d650 industrial soldering gun instructions. I have a weller wes51 that stopped working in the middle of using it. Weller 80watt heavy duty soldering ironsp80nus the home depot. Iron with long lasting bp10 conical tip, 4 aa batteries, leadfree solder, tip wrench, user manual. Iron with mt1, 3mm tip, iron stand, soldering aid tool. The soldering irons have evolved with the weller manufacturing company that was founded in 1945. Choosing the right tips will help you to work more efficient tsd24 tsk tsbc2 tsb2 10. Weller introduces a new soldering station designed for vocational and professional uses. Regarding weller soldering stations that wont heat, i had this failure on my wcc100 adjustabletemperature soldering station that i have enjoyed through the years.

There is a wide variety of irons and iron stations and soldering irons can be purchased at most online and local hardware stores. The weller peritronic mpr 80 soldering iron has an adjustable working angle of 40 to enable an individually ergonomic soldering process. Set the temperature on the iron to the appropriate temperature for the project you are executing. Weller is a producer of solderingiron, solderingstation. If you want a powerful tool that gets the job done quickly and reliably, try the we 1010. The weller wlc100 soldering station offers adjustable temperature hand soldering. Weller soldering iron, battery powered 20jh93bp865mp. The weller we1010na is a 70 watt digital soldering station, and is designed for education, advanced hobbyists and professional users. Sp25nus weller soldering iron, plugin, with illumination. The display then switches back automatically to the read value. Or point us to the url where the manual is located.

Top 15 best soldering irons in 2020 electricaltoolsworld. Wtcpt operating instructions unpack unit carefully. Center is equipped with 5098 as desoldering iron, 9931 as macrosize soldering. The new value appears for approximatly 2 seconds in the display and the temperature symbol flashes f or 9. The temperature can be adjusted anyway from 5 to 40 watts with the knob on base unit from user manual. Soldering iron, iron stand, user manual, soldering aide tool, leadfree solder, mt1. Jan 16, 2020 weller w100pg weller fahrenheit heavy duty soldering iron with ct6f7 tip. Weller we1010na 70 watt digital soldering station tequipment. Mainspowered soldering irons mainspowered soldering irons.

The variance in power rating lets you choose the model that is the most appropriate for your application. Sp40nkuk weller sp40nuk soldering iron kit rs components. The funnel insert 21 for holding the soldering iron has four different settings and can be adjusted to the most ergonomic position without requiring tools. Solder tips 6pcs for weller et soldering iron, replacement tips for wes5150,wesd51,pes51 50,we1010na wcc100 lr21 et tip series 6pcs01 4. All weller pt series soldering iron tips are plated with an exclusive process that deposits three. A tips conductivity determines how fast thermal energy can be sent from the heater to the connection. Up to that point soldering iron manufacturers utilized large massive bodies to dissipate heat in an attempt to control tip temperature. Introducing the sp series soldering irons from weller. The 80watt power and slim design makes this soldering iron suitable for fine soldering work. In most soldering iron tips, the base metal is copper or some copper alloy because of its excellent thermal conductivity. I followed the service manual and it appeared that the temp sensor in the handle was bad. Wtcpt soldering station a transformer powered soldering station, complete with a lightweight, heat insulated, low voltage, temperature controlled soldering iron. Weller solder iron kit 40 watt the home depot canada.

For many reasons, the weller we 1010 soldering station is a smart soldering solution for several different types of jobs. By depressing a radio button, the preselected value for that button now becomes the set temperature. The special weller closed loop method of controlling maximum tip temperature sensitive components. Iron with mt10, 6mm tip, iron stand, soldering aid tool, leadfree solder, spare. The station features an external tip temperature offset, selectable. The sp25nus is a 25w 120v nontemperature controlled soldering iron kit with three 5mm high temperature, longlife leds for superior soldering accuracy and application illumination. Batteries, safety cap, stand, lead free solder, user manual 1 cap 1 dual heat soldering gun, soldering tip, cutting tip, smoothing tip, coil of lead free solder. Jason france, the weller wlc100 is a variable temperature soldering station. Page 11 80w set 0051512299 wdh20 soldering iron holder for to extend tip life, switch the soldering system off, or use the weller standbysetback function to decrease 0051512199 wdh10 soldering iron holder for temperature before work breaks or extended periods wp80wsp80 of nonuse. Plug in soldering iron and turn the soldering iron on. Soldering kits usually consist of soldering tools such as a soldering iron, different tips, a stand, and wire. The nickel and chromium protect the shank from corrosion and solder creep. A weller solder gun is almost synonymous with soldering.

The weller soldering irons are 2 channel soldering irons located in the electronics area of the invention studio. The chromium is eliminated from the working area and the tips are pretinned with tinlead solder. Weller soldering tools manual download,firmware,software. We1 station 120v, wep70 soldering iron, ph70 safety rest wsponge, 0. Soldering irons are great for connecting wires or soldering components onto pcbs. Triangular area for maximum of tip control and round handle for ease of tip rotation. Highquality soldering irons with a power rating between 15 and 80 watts. Home hobbyists and professionals alike can utilize the features of the weller gun. Weller has been around for generations and its heavyduty solder gun has not changed that much over the years. Weller is the premier and pioneering brand in the soldering industry.

Weller wd1 operating instructions manual pdf download. Wholeheartedly welcome your support and cooperation. The tip temperature can be adjusted by varying the power level of the heater. Safety statement overview power adaptor selection operation soldering iron tip trouble shooting guide technical support legal statements content p1 p3 p5 p6 p14 p16 p18 p20 warning. Weller soldering gun user manuals download manualslib. Weller soldering replacement parts solder desolder. Place soldering iron in holding station and allow the iron to preheat.

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